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  • Aamandira Indonesia at dusk
  • Aerial view
  • Amandira Indonesia - cabin interior
  • Bedroom
  • Cabin Bathroom
  • Lounge area
  • Dining area
  • Foredeck
  • Island
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Raja Ampat Expedition

Boat expedition

Renowned for its biodiversity, Raja Ampat encompasses over 40,000 square kilometres in the northeast seas of the Indonesian Archipelago where the Pacific becomes the Indian Ocean. The resulting currents stir up nutrient-rich water which, along with the tropical climate, nurtures magnificent coral reefs and unparalleled marine life.

Scuba diving or snorkelling the region’s many dive sites are otherworldly experiences, with over 1,300 species of fish, 75% of all known corals and 15 mammal species calling these waters home. As beautiful above water as it is below, the islands are cloaked in tropical jungle, offering the chance to see karst forests of rare orchids, sea eagles, tree kangaroos and the famed birds of paradise.

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