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    Tokyo is the capital of Japan with the population of 13 million people. Five centuries ago it was a fortress, later on this place the Edo Castle was built. Time passed, and the powerful shogunates assumed the governing of the city, favoring its economic development. The ancient capital of Japan was the city of Kyoto, but in 1869 the Emperor moved the capital to Edo and gave the city a new name — Tokyo. Nowadays Tokyo is an administrative region, the prefecture which comprises several islands and the mainland. The colorful megalopolis is divided according to different demesnes. The business district Marunouchi houses the largest enterprises and banks, while Ginza is famous for its superb shopping and nightlife featuring numerous cafes and restaurants filling their surrounding with bright light in the evening. One of the most distinguishing features of the Japanese people and the country in whole is keeping its traditions. Tokyo has more than 3000 Buddhist and Shinto temples which carefully keep the history of the Land of the Rising Sun. Hot springs has indigenously been the release from daily routine, with the falling hot streams creating the amazing massage effect — and that’s also a tradition.

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