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Rocco Forte Hotels

Rocco Forte Hotels is the Forte family. At its head are Sir Rocco Forte, his sister Olga Polizzi, and his children Lydia, Irene and Charles. It comprises 14 hotels in leading European destinations — from iconic buildings at unparalleled addresses to paradisiacal island resorts and contemporary creations in exciting cities. Each address exudes the Forte philosophy: open, intuitive service; airy, elegant design that speaks to its location; exceptional offerings in food, drink, spas and experiences; and a signature Anglo-Italian style, sophistication and warmth.

The history of the Forte family’s hotel business begins in 1911, when sir Rocco’s grandfather moved from Italy to Scotland and opened the Savoy cafe. Later, he became the owner of several popular restaurants in Scotland and England. Inspired by the success of his son Charles Forte, father of sir Rocco, opens the Milk bar on London’s prestigious Regent street. His timing was perfect. It quickly became one of five in central London. Forte’s business is developing and eventually becoming the largest chain of hotels and restaurants in the world known as the Forte Group.

Sir Rocco started working for his father in the late 60s and together they made Forte Group the largest in the market. At that time, the group included hotels such as the Hotel George V and Plaza Athene in Paris, the Ritz in Madrid and the Hotel des Bergues in Geneva. Unfortunately, as a result of an unsuccessful merger, the family lost everything... sir Rocco Forte started his new brand Rocco Forte Hotels with just one hotel — the Balmoral in Edinburgh, which he purchased in 1997.

Both of sir Rocco’s daughters and son now work for the company. Lidia is focusing on the food and beverage offering, while Irene is responsible for branding and service standards, as well as being the creator of Irene Forte cosmetics, which is represented in all hotels SPAs. Olga Polizzi; sir Rocco’s sister, designs for all hotels, involving famous designers in the collaboration. This is truly a family business.

As a result of more than 20 years of successful business, we have managed to create a collection of amazing hotels located in the main cities of Europe. Among them is the famous Astoria hotel in Saint Petersburg, as well as one of the first hotels in London — Brown’s. In Germany, every hotel bears the imprint of an outstanding history of a building or place, such as the Hotel de Rome in Berlin, Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt, and the Charles Hotel in Munich. The Hotel Amigo in the center of Brussels also has a distinctive character.

Half of the hotels are located in the historical homeland of the Forte family — in Italy, namely the Hotel de Russie and the Hotel de la Ville in the eternal city of Rome, as well as the Savoy hotel in Florence, the heart of Tuscany. Several resorts are located in Sicily, namely the Verdura Resort on the Mediterranean coast and the new Villa Igiea in Palermo (opening in 2021). One of the new hotels is the restored Masseria Torre Maizza on the Adriatic coast in Puglia.

“Something different. Something special. Something unique.”


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