Elite Rent-a-Car

The privileged club Elite Rent-a-Car, created back in 1987, offers you the latest car brands in TOP-configuration for rent throughout the Europe. Switzerland, France, Monaco, Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, United Kingdom, USA – and it’s not the full list of countries where the company is ready to provide a car.

Rent a car without a driver

The team will deliver a car to your villa, hotel, to the airport and will pick it up at any time and in any place. For example, you can leave the keys and the car in the parking lot at the check-in desk for a flight in Geneva or Nice airport. The company will choose a car to your taste, from Audi A1 or Mini Cooper for active travelers, to Lamborghini or Ferrari for the fans of expensive and sports cars, Range Rover or Porsche SUVs for family trips. New cars, the highest level of service, personal approach and care of the Elite team are an excellent combination for a family or business trip.

Rent a car with a driver

The Elite Rent-a-Car team will provide you with the latest brands and the best cars for the transfers with a driver in all of the European countries - in Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic e t. c. The Elite knows that the customers always prefer new cars and maximum configurations, so they update the car fleet as soon as a new car appears on the market. Thanks to the high standards that are the same for all Elite Rent-a-Car fleets, you will receive the best service while on vacation or in the business trip. Fresh press in the car, cool water, chargers, WIFI on board, an intelligent driver in a suit who will become your personal concierge during the trip, as well as support 24 hours a day will create the feeling of complete comfort.

VIP service at Geneva Airport Swissport

Traveling is an integral part of the businessmen’s life, they value their time and comfort. Elite Rent-a-Car provides a special VIP service at Geneva airport, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail. As soon as you arrive, an assistant meets you at the ramp, then you move to the airport in a private business car, where you will go through all the formalities in the privileged area. Without luggage time you will spend only 15 minutes.

Your assistant will help you with your luggage and will lead you to the car, that will be waiting for you near the terminal and the driver will accompany you to the hotel. On departure, you can spend time before a flight in the Swissport Horizon VIP Lounge, where you will be able to use high-speed WI-FI or just to relax and enjoy delicious snacks and drinks.

Elite Travel Tours

The privileged club Elite Rent-a-Car will help its customers to discover the world of luxury adventures, try exciting quests, test drives, go to the places that you can’t even find in the Russian-language directories.

Algorithm and concept of the Lifestyle tours:

Client selects a country or several European countries that he would like to explore from the different, yet unknown side, and the team draws up an individual program from A to Z based on the preferences and their own experience, or selects one of the existing programs and changes it. Test drive can be designed for the weekend and for the week. The client can complete his extreme “mission” by himself or in the company of friends, partners, or colleagues.

In addition to a perfectly planned route, a super-sports car with a pre-programmed GPS-navigator, living in the most sophisticated hotels and villas, the trip includes interesting and exclusive opportunities, for example, a private visit to the Piaget watch company or tasting the best wines of the Tuscany or Bordeaux region, the best sparkling wines in the Champagne region, a gastronomic master class with a Michelin stars (Michelin) chef or an exclusive visit to the Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW factories and many other opportunities. The key is your fantasy and financial limit / unlimited.

Breathe in the freedom and get ready for an exciting adventure. You will cross the paths of the Roman Centurions, drive past the Tuscan groves and enjoy the enchanting Swiss sunsets. And then you will go to the Czech fortress and search for the pearls hidden under the azure waves. Every fan of the expensive cars loves to listen to the engine roar, the noise of the tires, and to enjoy the elements of the aerodynamics.

Find your ideal route, whether it is a long race track or serpentines of the European landscapes, where you can feel the car and get the most out of it, and to participate in a spectacular battle of the sports cars. Or enjoy the solitude on a romantic trip, taking a ride in a cabriolet along the Cote d'Azur, lavender fields or wine regions.

Traveling is emotions and lifestyle, that’s why you will not want not to miss even the slightest detail. You will want to feel the atmosphere and the spirit of the place. And how difficult it is sometimes not to get confused by the abundance of attractions, a list of places that no one has ever seen, how difficult it is not to get lost in the pages of endless guides and to choose exactly what you like.


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