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  • Salt and Bread restaurant, hotel Shangri-La, Manzhouli, China
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Salt and Bread

Manzhouli, China

Shangri-La’s first Russian restaurant, Salt and Bread, opened at Shangri-La Hotel, Manzhouli on 29 July 2011.2 Aug 2011 Shangri-La’s first Russian restaurant, Salt and Bread, opened at Shangri-La Hotel, Manzhouli on 29 July 2011. The restaurant offers a combination of authentic Russian cuisine and contemporary dcor, dance performances and a Russian band creating a truly enjoyable dining experience for guests.

With seating for 250, Salt and Bread is located on the ground floor of Shangri-La Hotel, Manzhouli. The name originates in ancient Russia, when villagers presented bread sprinkled with salt to welcome and show respect when the king and the queen toured a village. The restaurant carries on this tradition of hospitality and welcomes guests who enjoy Russian cuisine and entertainment. To achieve this, Salt and Bread has hired six experienced Russian chefs and uses ingredients imported from Russia to prepare the most authentic Russian cuisine.

A team of performers from Russia is another attraction at Salt and Bread. Unique from other Russian restaurants in town, the dancers have a wealth of performing experience and can perfectly interpret a wide range of dancing styles from around the world, including ancient Egyptian dancing, Spanish flamenco, French cancan and Russian folk dancing. The performers also interact with the audience.

Comprising four gentlemen and a lady, the Russian band excels in a variety of musical styles such as jazz, blues, rock and roll, Latin, reggae and new age , accented by well-known modern and classical Russian songs.

The overall layout of Salt and Bread is different from other Shangri-La restaurants. It is divided into four sections: the stage, the dance floor, the dining area and the bar area. The dining area is subdivided into an open area and private dining section. All private dining areas are separated by dark-coloured fabric curtains illuminated by LED spotlights. In the bar area, guests can enjoy various world renowned wine and drinks and get a close-up view of the performance. The color scheme is dark blue with gold highlights and burgundy hints. The decorative Russian palace-style ceiling is featuring white and red chandeliers. The restaurant is open from 5:00pm to 11:00pm for dinner. From 11:00pm onward the restaurant turns into a dance club until the early hours or the last guest leaves.

“In the city of Manzhouli, Chinese and Russian culture blend in perfect harmony,” said Joachim Heineke, general manager of Shangri-La Hotel, Manzhouli. “The Russian restaurant Salt and Bread allows guests to enjoy authentic Russian cuisine complemented with Shangri-La’s legendary hospitality. Presenting year-round Russian performances with no minimum charge, Salt and Bread is an ideal place for dining and entertainment.”


Work Time:
Ужин: 17.00 - 23.00
Дискотека: с 23.00 и до утра или до последнего гостя

Hotel Shangri-La, Manzhouli, China


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