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Habtoor Grand Resort, Autograph Collection 5*

Dubai, UAE

Opened February 2024 

Dubai’s first fitness + recovery hotel. SIRO One Za’abeel is an immersive lifestyle destination in the centre of Dubai. Harnessing five-star hospitality, performance-boosting facilities and the biohacking pillars of fitness, nutrition, recovery, sleep and mindfulness, our hotel is the precision-engineered to integrate wellbeing into your every day.

Centred around the importance of self-care and active living, this SIRO destination echoes our mission to unlock and maintain your mental and physical potential. Beyond our capability as a hotel, SIRO One Za’abeel’s 2,000 sqm Recovery Lab and Fitness Lab offer cutting-edge treatments, nutritional guidance, comprehensive training solutions and a membership for the ultimate wellbeing experience.


The hotel is situated in central Dubai, steps from Dubai World Trade Centre, a 10-minute drive to Dubai Mall, and 15 minutes from the iconic Burj Khalifa. If you’re flying in, Dubai International Airport is only a short 15-minute ride from the hotel.


Ranging from 46-75 sqm, SIRO rooms ensure a fully powered day and the ultimate night’s sleep. Complete with a pillow menu, temperature-controlled mattress, soundproofing and more wellbeing features, these performance-optimised rooms are designed to take your fitness and recovery to the next level.

Discover our 120 sqm SIRO suites, created with your optimal wellbeing in mind. While the Fitness Suite facilitates active living with a private workout area, the Recovery Suite is designed to offer a deeply restorative experience. Every suite booking also includes two 30-minute in-room treatments for ultimate self-care.


  • Sleeps 2 adults
  • 1 king bed
  • 46-50 sqm
  • Set complimentary group classes
  • Access to Tapasake lap pool (6 — 10 am)
  • Access to the sauna, steam room and cold plunge
  • One complimentary body composition analysis per guest
  • Complimentary laundry (up to 3 pieces of sportswear per day)
  • 24/7 access to the Fitness Lab (limited to guests aged 16 and above)

SIRO Fitness Suite

  • Sleeps 2 adults
  • 1 king bed
  • 120 sqm
  • One complimentary personal training session per room
  • One complimentary 60-minute sports massage per guest
  • One complimentary hot or cold recovery experience per guest
  • Set complimentary group classes
  • Access to Tapasake lap pool ( 6 — 10 am )
  • Access to the sauna, steam room and cold plunge
  • One complimentary body composition analysis per guest

SIRO Recovery Suite

  • Sleeps 2 adults
  • 1 king bed
  • 120 sqm
  • One complimentary personal training session per room
  • One complimentary 60-minute recovery massage per guest
  • One complimentary hot or cold recovery experience per guest
  • Set complimentary group classes
  • Access to Tapasake lap pool (6 — 10 am)
  • One complimentary body composition analysis per guest


Fitness Lab

Our immersive 900 sqm Fitness Lab overlooks Dubai’s iconic skyline and features specialised studios and a state-of-the-art fitness floor. Train like the sporting elite. Between a state-of-the-art fitness floor, signature classes, and personalised training solutions, every element of your Fitness Lab experience has been fine-tuned by Team SIRO — an international collective of pro athletes and international fitness experts. SIRO guests and members can rev up their training regime with a choice of up to 50 weekly classes — including pilates, HIIT, cycling, and specialised workouts designed by pro athletes.

Yoga Studio and experience box

Experience holistic wellbeing in a serene atmosphere at our 176 sqm Yoga Studio. Backdropped by panoramic city views, this space is the ideal setting for yoga, meditation and stretching sessions at SIRO. Featuring distinct stations — Skill Mill, Plyo Box, TG Bench, and Aqua Bag — the Experience Box offers a dynamic space for SIRO HIIT classes, including specialised workouts crafted by Team SIRO pro athletes.

Cycle studio and pilates studio

Step into an immersive, high-energy environment with dynamic lighting, lasers and music. Our Cycle Studio sets the stage for a successful workout, complete with blackout blinds and integrated performance-tracking tech. Experience personalised and small-group training in our Pilates studio. With three Reformer machines and floor-to-ceiling window views of the city, this intimate studio guarantees a transformative Pilates practice.

Recovery Lab

Our cutting-edge Recovery Lab offers a raft of treatment plans, all backed by advanced technology and a results-driven approach. Consult with our specialists, map out a recovery treatment plan and benefit from the synergy of science and holistic wellbeing at our Recovery Lab. From invigorating cold plunges to assisted stretching and cutting-edge therapies like dry needling, SIRO One Za’abeel offers a variety of treatments to help you recharge and rejuvenate.

Sauna and Steam room

Immerse yourself in the curative impact of heat therapy. Precision-engineered for optimal results, our sauna promotes muscle relaxation, blood circulation and controlled perspiration. Experience the curative impact of heat therapy. Precision-engineered for optimal benefits, these facilities promote muscle relaxation, blood circulation, and controlled perspiration.

Recovery Lounge

Our state-of-the-art Recovery Lounge blends technology with tranquillity, delivering a healing hub for those in the pursuit of total wellbeing. This space engages your senses and elevates your mental state to facilitate relaxation.


Electric muscle stimulation. 20 mins. Powered by Compex muscle stimulation, these special recovery boots elevate endurance by targeting both slow and fast-twitch muscle fibres. The go-to for optimising training efficiency.

Compression therapy. 20, 40 or 60 mins. Using specialised boots, this compression therapy session involves applying sequential pressure to the legs, boosting circulation, reducing swelling, and kickstarting cardiovascular recovery after a workout.

High-frequency therapy by INDIBA. 30 mins. Best paired with manual physiotherapy, INDIBA Activ high-frequency treatments promote accelerated tissue repair and improved performance. Ideal for physical rehabilitation, pelvic health and more.

Cryotherapy. 15 mins. Cryotherapy involves briefly exposing the body to sub-zero temperatures. This activates the body’s repair system, boosting endorphins and kickstarting collagen production. Ideal for pain and sleep management.

Vibroacoustic therapy by Welnamis.22 mins. A next-level touchless treatment for deep relaxation. Binaural acoustic and vibrational frequencies enable remastered meditation, no therapist needed. Ideal for those prone to anxiety, chronic pain and panic attacks.

The triple detox by MLX i³Dom. 30 mins. Achieve a next-gen detox in a single touchless treatment. Eliminates toxins to leave you feeling rejuvenated and powered up for the day, with nourished skin and an endorphin rush.

IV therapy. A vitality-boosting treatment that injects nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Explore our signature blends with precision-engineered compositions of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that nourish your body.

Wellness-driven experiences

Discover Dubai through immersive experiences in diverse landscapes. Choose from a spectrum of expert-guided activities, from extreme pursuits like skydiving to classic desert adventures and beyond.

  • Extreme Fitness. Unlock Dubai’s extreme fitness line-up of activities. Boost your adrenaline with one-of-a-kind experiences and thrilling pursuits.
  • Desert Fitness. Adventure into the Dubai desert. Unlock new levels of strength with classic excursions and local sports among the dunes.
  • Mountain Fitness. Take your workouts to the UAE’s scenic mountain landscapes with popular hikes, trail runs, and more alpine-inspired fitness experiences.
  • Water Fitness. Tackle your next fitness challenge at sea. Power up your routine with a variety of watersport experiences year-round.
  • City Fitness. Fuel your fitness journey with urban activities. Experience the high-energy pursuits and dynamic city lifestyle that Dubai offers.
  • Swimming pool. SIRO guests can recharge by the UAE’s longest suspended infinity pool at Tapasake restaurant, open 6-10 a.m., or at the equally regenerative Garden Pool any time of the day.


In-house nutritional support

Learn how to fuel your body with precision. Harness the power of personalised nutrition with SIRO One Za’abeel’s nutritionist and sculpt your optimal health through expert guidance and custom meal plans.

Modular meals

Customise every meal at your convenience with SIRO’s signature modular dishes — a build-your-own concept that seamlessly combines your preferences and unique dietary needs. Boost your performance with nutrient-packed meals formulated to align with your goals.

The Refuel Bar

Recharge pre- or post-workout with a carefully curated selection of nourishing snacks, shakes and refreshments at the Refuel Bar. Crafted by nutrition specialists, this wholesome menu offers customisable options that empower you to streamline your diet.


Discover French-inspired culinary delights at Aelia, where gourmet experience and healthy choices come together. This elevated dining destination at One Za’abeel offers a refined menu that puts fresh, high-quality ingredients front and centre.

The Link

The Link is the world’s longest cantilever & home to 12 restaurants with international menus. Perched 100 meters high, this two-floor destination is conveniently located below SIRO.

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Recovering your health and training with the highest standarts




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